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Start With a Full Search & Trade Mark Review

Our Search & Review is just £15.99 and can save you hundreds of pounds by preventing failed trade mark applications. You will also get our 100% No Risk Filing Guarantee if you proceed to file your trade mark with us!

Start Your Search & Review Now

Your Report will Include:

    IPO Complience Check

Your Trademark will be reviewed to help ensure it meets the requirements for registration under the Trade Marks Act 1994.

    In-depth Trademark Searches

We will run searches across the government database to check that there are no directly conflicting registered trademarks.

    Full Report and Help

We will send you a report with our findings and a quote based on the classes required to protect your trademark.

    Get 100% No Risk Filing Guarantee

Once we've reviewed your Trade Mark and given it the green light you will be entitled to our IPO Acceptance Garauntee when you file your U.K. trade mark with us within two weeks of review.

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