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Interested in Amazon Brand Registry?

Amazon Brand Registry enables brand owners to protect their name/brand on the Amazon store. This prevents others from violating your brand on the Amazon Store and there are lots of other benefits for sellers too. Sellers that have enrolled in Amazon Brand Registry get lots of features that enable them to track any violations and act against them.

To register for Amazon Brand Registry you must have a Registered Trademark within one of the accepted territories. Many brand owners worldwide choose a U.K. Trademark for enrolment to Amazon Brand Registry due to the speed that a U.K. trademark can be registered.

We have helped brands from all over the world secure UK Trademarks for the purpose of registering their brand with Amazon Brand Registry.

We make it simple. To begin either search for your Trademark availability in the UK  here: Free Trademark Search or drop us an email with any questions you have here:

Benefits Of Amazon Brand Registry

Accurate brand representation

Brand Registry gives you total control over Amazon product pages that use your brand name, so that customers are more likely to see the correct information associated with your brand and products.

Powerful search and report tools

Simplify the process of finding cases of potential infringement with Amazons custom features that are designed specifically for brands:

• Global search: search for content in different Amazon stores from the same screen without ever having to navigate away 

• Image search: find product listings on Amazon that match your product(s) or logo(s) using images

• Bulk ASIN search: search for a list of ASINs or product URLs to explore and report potentially infringing content fast

After you complete your search, Brand Registry provides you with simple and guided workflows to submit a report of potential infringement that Amazon can review and take appropriate action on. A highly valuable feature for all brand owners!

Additional proactive brand protections

In addition to Amazons' standard proactive measures to protect customers, Brand Registry uses information that you provide about your brand to implement additional predictive protections that attempt to identify and remove potentially bad listings. The more you tell Amazon in Brand Registry about your brand and its intellectual property, the more Amazon can help you protect your brand, for example: 

• Product listings that aren’t for your brand and incorrectly use your trademarked terms in their titles. 

• Images that contain your logo, but are for products that don’t carry your brand name.

• Sellers shipping products from countries in which you do not manufacture or distribute your brand.

• Product listings being created with your brand name when you have already listed your full product catalog on Amazon

Brand Registry Support

Amazons' global team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help with any questions that you might have.


Brand-building benefits

Build and grow your business on Amazon by taking advantage of tools like Enhanced Brand Content, Stores, Sponsored Brands, and the Brand Dashboard.

Source of above benefits:

Register your Trademark now for Amazon Brand Registry

What brands are saying about Amazon Brand Registry


"P&G was very pleased to be invited to be an early adopter of Amazon Brand Registry. We believe that Amazon Brand Registry will continue to help as we collaborate with Amazon to protect our brands and our consumers online."


“Amazon Brand Registry has been a huge leap forward for Casio in protecting our intellectual property. The response time has been lightning fast and the team assigned to this program are incredibly knowledgeable and efficient. Thank you Amazon."


"Amazon Brand Registry helps us provide our customers with the right experience. I know that Amazon wants the same thing – their tools and services are very customer-focused."

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