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Privacy Policy

Cookies are small text files that are stored on your computer when you use our website.

We use cookies to enhance your experience of our site and to help us with security.

We'll never use cookies to pass information about you to other companies. You can find out more about how cookies work on

How do cookies help?

Cookies make it possible for sites to remember your log-in details and settings. They also personalise your experience of a website.

You can turn cookies off, but it might mean your experience is less personal and that you have to do the same thing more than once.

Cookies are also helpful to us because they allow us to see how someone found our site and how they used it once they arrived. We use this information to continually improve our site and our service.

Third-party cookies are cookies that have been developed by another company.

Can I change my cookie settings?

How to disable cookies

We don't recommend disabling cookies as it might have a negative effect on your experience, for example, certain features may not display properly.

If you want to disable cookies, the method will vary depending on your browser. Just have a look below.


Read the Google Chrome help page to find out how to disable cookies on your browser.


This Mozilla Firefox page can help you disable cookies on your browser.

Internet Explorer

You can disable cookies on Internet Explorer - find out how to do this on the Microsoft help page.


Check out the Apple support page to find out how you can disable cookies on your browser.


You can find out how to do this on the help section of your device.

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