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How do I register a Trademark?

It's easy to start your trademark registration! We have a three step process.

Step 1: Get a quote. Your quote includes a free basic trade mark search and we will let you know how many classes you'll require. CLICK HERE TO START

Step 2: Check your quote and ask any questions. We know you will not beat our trade mark filing offer!

Step 3: Make payment and we will compile your application and file your trade mark. Everything is taken care for you.


I have a Limited Company name. Do I still need to register a UK trademark?

Yes, if you require protection for your company name then you will require a Trademark. A Ltd Company name only prevents another Ltd company having the same name. It does not prevent another business having a similar name.


Can I register my logo as a Trademark?

Yes, you can register a word, an image or a combination of both.


I have a domain name. Do I still need to register a trademark?

Yes, if you require your business or brand name to be protected you'll need to register a Trademark. A domain name does not prevent someone else using a similar brand name. If someone else Trademarks the name first it could mean you're unable to use your domain name. If you want to protect your brand name It's best to register a trademark.


How long does it take to register a UK trademark?

The standard process from payment usually takes one week to file your Trademark. Once your trademark has been filed with the IPO, it can take up to 15 days to get a response. Once the mark has been accepted by the IPO It's published in the Trade Marks Journal for two months 'Oposition Period'. Providing there are no oppositions to your trademark it will be officially registered about one week after the Opposition Period ends. In total the whole process will take about three months providing there are no oppositions.


What are trademark classes?

Each class is for specific products or services. When registering a trademark It's important to ensure your trademark is protected in the correct classes for your products or services. Depending on your business and the protection you want, your trademark application could include various classes. We will let you know what classes your products can be listed under. Just fill in the form and we will send you all the information you need.


What services do U.K. Trademark Services offer?

U.K. Trademark Services makes the process of gaining a U.K. Trademark straight forward, simple and efficient. Gaining the correct Trademark protection is a complex process and every application is unique. We have in-house branding experts and a network of leading partners that specialise in specific areas and territories. We offer free information, free resources, online filing services and a host of relates services through our network of partners.


Through our website, team and partners we can help you with Trademark Applications, Consultations, Infringements, dealing with oppositions and just about every other trademark service you might need.


What is Amazon Brand Registry?

Amazon Brand Registry enables brand owners to protect their name/brand on the Amazon store. This prevents others from violating your brand on the Amazon Store and there are lots of other benefits for sellers too. Sellers that have enrolled in Amazon Brand Registry get lots of features that enable them to track any violations and act against them. For more info see the official page here Amazon Brand Registry Benefits For UK Sellers

To register for Amazon Brand Registry you must have a Registered Trademark within one of the accepted territories. Many brand owners worldwide choose a U.K. Trademark for enrolment to Amazon Brand Registry due to the speed that a U.K. trademark can be registered.

We have helped brands from all over the world secure UK Trademarks for the purpose of registering their brand with Amazon Brand Registry.

We make it simple. To begin either search for your Trademark availability in the UK  here: Free Trademark Search or drop us an email with any questions you have here:

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