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Choosing Trade Mark Classes

A big part of the Trademark process is ensuring that your business and product are registered under the correct trademark class. But what are these trademark classes and what do they mean? Here is our guide to help you understand this part of the process in a little more detail….

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Trademarks are categorized according to the specific products and services that they cover. With 45 different trademark categories, these cover every possible service and product. These classes are very complexed and are constantly updated to ensure that every imaginable area is covered. This makes it essential that the database you use to register your trademark is official and up to date.

Trademarks must be registered in one or more of the 45 classes. While many classes relate to each other, each class represents a product or service that has been grouped together. While there will be cross over for many businesses, these classes are not always as straight forward and easy to understand.

Daaco can help you understand these

trademark classes and simplify this process. Try our free report and consultation that will help you understand not only which classes to register with, but also the reasons why these classes are essential to your business.

Contact: for any help and advice regarding your Trade Mark registration.

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